Got a runner on your holiday shopping list? Time to step up your gift giving game with these 6 funny (but useful) holiday gift ideas for a runner:

6 funny (but useful) holiday GIFT IDEAS FOR A RUNNER 2016


Aside from the common gift ideas of new shoes, iphone/android arm bands, it band compression straps, blue tooth ear buds, or good ole' fashion socks, here are six funny (but useful) gift ideas for a runner on your holiday shopping list.

cat running pants

CAt themed running pants

Oh yeah. These are outstanding. Nothing like cat themed running pants. Why where the boring old single color capri running pants when you could stand out with these or these space cats.

If cats are not your thing, there are some very impressive Disney jogging pants available. 

runners tutu


From 80's to Superhero runs, more and more races each year are becoming themed where a tutu is not just an accessory but a necessity. Coming in different colors, you are all set for just about any themed race for the upcoming year.

ULTIMATE Massage Bundle

a personal Masseuse

Wouldn't be nice to have a personal masseuse waiting for you it band and foot after a long run? Well if you can afford to have a someone from the day spa waiting for you the next best thing is the Ultimate Massage bundle.The Ultimate Massage bundle comes with two foam rollers and two massage balls for your feet. Throw in the FREE Travel bag and you got your very own personal masseuse. #Winning.

knuckle lights

Light saber or brass knuckles?

The reviews on amazon for the Knuckle Lights are very funny. These lights are almost bright enough to light up a entire street while simultaneously providing a runner with a solid weapon to knock any potential threats to the ground. All kidding aside, these knuckle lights are highly recommended and are extremely light weight. 

Running medal display


Anyone who has ever run more than a handful of races knows that it's "all about the bling". A beautiful way to display those glorious medals is on a Running Medal Display. Most of the displays can hold 16-20 medals some of which can hold many more. The medals slide right into the slots and are proudly displayed. This makes for a very memorable way to display medals and when friends come over and visit they serve as a motivator. Let's get the medals out of the drawer or from the top of the dresser and display them proudly.

2017 Runner's World® Boxed/Daily Calendar


Ok maybe not funny but it is useful. The fastest way to get fired up to run is a little motivation everyday. This 2017 desktop calendar features Over 300 original illustrated inspirational quotes and tips.

So there you have it. We hope you find these ideas a little different than the usual and they bring a smile to the runner on your list.

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