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The 5 Benefits of Good Running Socks

THE 5 BENEFITS OF GOOD RUNNING SOCKSSharesDoes changing your socks really matter when you are running? Do I need running socks?Great questions…  let me tackle them one at a time. Any runner with more than a handful of races under their belt will tell you why it is very important to have a good pair […]

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What Are the Benefits of Running Compression Socks?

What Are the Benefits of Running Compression Socks?1Shares1Compression socks used to be the sole reserve of diabetics and airplane pilots, but have now become gradually acceptable among marathon runners and other runners generally. longer distance runners, in particular, have been using compression socks for several years now. There’s a reason why.Though these usually knee-high socks […]

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The 5 Best Socks For Running To Prevent Blisters

Here are the 5 Best Socks For Runners to Prevent Blisters30Shares228We discussed how bad blisters can be and how to prevent/treat them in this post here.  So to summarize blisters are caused by three main issues: Friction SweatingHeat So without further delay, here my criteria for selecting a really good pair of socks for running […]

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