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How to Run a 21 Minute 5K (or LESS!)

Ready to PR your Next 5K? Here’s How to Run any 5K in 21 Minutes or Faster.4Shares4No matter how fit and in shape you think you are, running an entire 5K is always a grueling experience that will shake your confidence to the core. FREE DOWNLOAD: 11 Highly Effective Tips To Run A Faster 5K […]

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The 5 Benefits of Running Intervals for 5K Runners

The Top 5 Benefits of Running Intervals for 5K RunnersSharesDid you know that active recovery is actually 10 times better for runners than stopping to catch a break? That’s right, while it might be tempting to sit down or lie flat after an intense running regimen, it might actually do you more harm than good. […]

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How to Keep Running When you Want to Stop

How to keep running when you want to stop – 4 simple hacks to keep you goingSharesSo, it’s the start of a brand-new year and with that comes brand-new goals and aspirations. You figured what better time to start running to stay or get into shape. You’re well aware that you probably won’t ever dawn […]

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What are the Benefits of Running vs Elliptical?

What are the Benefits of Running vs EllipticalSharesElliptical machines are modern standard equipment found in the gym, specially designed for simulating the movement of running and walking, while at the same time minimizing the impact on the affected joints, according to the national Arthritis Foundation. Running on the other hand, is a natural old cardiovascular […]

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