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Most Popular 5K Training Plans

Across the world, the 5K is the first distance race that runners try. The 5K is 5,000 meters or 3.1 miles in distance. Most 5K participants relish the opportunity to receive a race t-shirt, but more importantly they are introduced to the excitement of running a race and the race day atmosphere. Below we share […]

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Advanced 5K Training Plan [For Those Searching For Peak Performance]

2Shares2 ADVANCED 5K Training Plan [FOR THOSE SEARCHING FOR PEAK PERFORMANCE]This Advanced 5K Training Plan is designed for runners who have multiple races under their belts. It’s perfect for runners who are searching for peak performance and maximum speed. This training plan offers interval training days, speed work, short runs, timed duration runs and longer […]

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Novice Training Plan for 5K [Perfect for Beginners]

1Shares1 Novice Training Plan for 5K [It’s Perfect for Beginners!] This Novice Training Plan for 5K is designed for beginner runners who want to be consistent throughout the race. This training plan has the right mix of challenge and motivation to get you going. It is designed to put you in the best position to […]

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Intermediate 5k Training Plan [To Help You Improve Your Times]

4Shares4 Intermediate 5K Training Plan [To Help Improve Your Times]This Intermediate 5K training plan is designed for runners who are looking to finish at specific time. It’s designed for runners who are finishing 5K’s under 25 minutes. This training plan offers interval training days, short runs and longer runs to help you build stamina. This […]

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Walking Training Plans 5K

7Shares7 WALKING Training Plan 5K This 5K Walking Plan is designed for people who are just getting started in physical fitness, pushing a stroller during the 5K run/walk event or a little older and want to get into 5K participations. This plan will prepare you to be physically ready to be walking a 5K in […]

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