Compact, yet capable treadmills are a perfect fit for apartments that have a premium on extra space. These small treadmills sit quietly in the corner until you’re ready to use it in the morning or after an exhausting day at work. Here are the 4 best treadmills for apartments that are actually worth it.

The 4 Best Treadmills for Apartments for 2017 that are actually worth it (Reviews & Top Picks)


Compact, yet capable treadmills are a perfect fit for apartments that have a premium on extra space. These small treadmills sit quietly in the corner until you’re ready to use it in the morning or after an exhausting day at work. Below, you’ll get to see the four best treadmills for apartments for 2017.

These machines can definitely get you into shape while leaving only a small footprint.

If you would rather skip the reading, below I break each one of them down by durability and quality.

The 4 Best Apartment Treadmills Of 2017

1. NordicTrack Commercial 1750

The Commercial 1750 is one of the best treadmills to come from NordicTrack. There’s a reason why it is one of the highest-rated on apartment-type treadmill equipment- the NordicTrack 1750 comes with a built-in iFit technology and a web browser packed in a high-definition touchscreen.

The industry specs are nothing to sneeze at either. The Commercial 1750 has the bells and whistles to make walking, sprinting or running in place a wonderful experience. The machine can support a wide variety of users, thanks to its wide dimensions, a hefty 3.8 CHP motor, an excellent running surface and a sturdy frame. Open the electronic interface and access any of the 38 workout-related apps for an optimized fitness experience.

nordictrack 1750 review
nordic track 1750 review

Open the presets for heart rate control, calorie burn, speed training and interval training if you want to get a challenge while getting fit. You can also get more apps via the iFit app from the web. The 7″ touchscreen is responsive enough to allow easy programming and simulate outdoor training quite well. Rounding out the specs are built-in 3″ speakers connected to iPod docks, Polar T34 chest strap, a platform for putting your smartphone or tablet, and a WhisperQuiet technology that ensures each step falls with minimal sound.


  • SpaceSaver design. Comes with wheels and is foldable.
  • Incline and decline angles from -3% to +15%.
  • Patented Whisper Quiet technology.
  • 7-inch high definition tablet with a speedy web browser.
  • Large running dimensions with a strong 3.8 CHP motor.
  • 38 workout apps included. Use the iFit app for unlimited workout programs.
  • Has 3-inch speakers with an iPod compatible dock.


  • Foldable feature is hampered by a hefty 315-pound weight.

2. Sole F85

Sole has created a spa-like treadmill experience when it brought out the F85 into the market. The machine comes with a capable 4.0 CHP motor with some nifty advances and features comprising the Sole Technology.

First, you get a large 10-inch touchscreen facing you. It can connect to your other fitness apps and mobile devices, or show you your current workout progress. The tablet platform, Bluetooth connectivity and compatibility with most iPod products round out your capabilities for sharing data. The company has even included small yet useful add-ons such as cooling fans and water bottle holders.

F85 sole treamill review

via amazon

The Sole F85 Treadmill review

via amazon

Open up the touchscreen interface and you get a 10-item program menu. There are 5 classic programs for treadmill workouts (Strength, Interval, Hill, Fat Burn and Cardio), two customizable user programs, two programs that control and monitor heart rate and a manual mode. You can further increase or decrease duration, incline and speed on any of these programs. The wide, durable track rolls over a capable roller which significantly reduces step and running noise.

Advanced users can set the ramp to 30 degrees for a more intense workout.


  • Strong 4.0 CHP motors on a 22 x 60 walking/running surface.
  • Large touchscreen interface holds 10 distinctive workout programs.
  • ​30 level power incline.
  • Patented CushionFlex Whisper deck.
  • Great coverage on deck, frame and motor; warranty on electronics and parts.
  • Hydraulic Assist feature makes the F85 very portable.
  • Comes with built-in speakers and mp3 player port.


  • Rather large footprint when unfolded.

3. ProForm PRO 2000

The most affordable treadmill of 2017 also holds the title of being the best buy out of all ProForm’s treadmill series.

A quick look under the hood reveals a 3.5 CHP motor in an expansive running area. The inclines can be adjusted from -3% to +15% however you wish. The whole program is shown on the 7-inch colored interface, a staple on most PRO Series models.

Large rollers promote a longer equipment life, and the ProForm delivers in this aspect. Everything else is built with a trained eye. Suffice to say, the Pro 2000 has the heft that challenges runners of all shapes and sizes, comes with helpful workout programs and best of all, can entertain users with built-in media channels. You’ll be comfortable and not too sweaty due to the workout fan built in the console.

Proform pro 200 Review
Pro 2000 Proform Review

Small apartments can still buy the ProForm Pro 2000 because of its excellent foldability. The SpaceSaver design is such a useful function for when you need that space for work or for other entertainment purposes. (images via


  • Boasts a top speed of 12mph for the hard-core runner.
  • A 7-inch color readout display with 32 built-in workout apps.
  • ​32 workout apps included. Use the iFit app for unlimited workout programs.
  • SpaceSaver technology makes the Pro 2000 extremely foldable and compact when needed.
  • ​Wide running surface with a -3% to +15% incline.
  • 3-inch speakers and iPod compatibility.
  • Lifetime warranty on motor, deck and frame.


  • Access to iFit requires an add-on monitor for $99.

4. Horizon Fitness Elite T9

The first thing you’ll notice as you check out the Elite T9 offering from Horizon is the Virtual Active videos and workouts. What’s different is that the T9 doesn’t force you to shell out extra money to get the Virtual Active feature. You get to do immersive workout programs that take you to the Rocky Alps, the scenic US landscapes and other realistic vistas as you walk or run your way to health.

You also get a 2.75 CHP motor and a wide track featuring a 3-zone cushioning. Decide from a whopping 44 pre-set workout programs that vary in speed, incline, etc. The 10-inch touchscreen interface makes it easy to see your progress and other helpful information such as pulse, incline, speed, calories spent, laps, distance, time elapsed and time of day. Put your hands on the grip sensors or attach a monitor to get an accurate reading on pulse.

Elite T9 Horizon Fitness review
Horizon Fitness Elite T9 review

Cushioning is akin to the top running shoe models in the world. What you get is an excellent balance of firmness, stability and support as you go through the workout routine. Hardcore runners can turn on the automatic +15% incline to burn extra calories and for isolating specific muscle groups. The speaker system, built-in mp3 port and iPod compatibility round out the bells and whistles. (images via


  • The Infinity Belt promises a maintenance-free track.
  • A wide track allows for versatile walks, sprints and runs.
  • ​Has the most workout programs at 44.
  • 3-zone variable cushioning
  • ViaFit connectivity and a Polar wireless chest strap & receiver.
  • Reduces footprint efficiently.
  • Large 10-inch touch screen display.


  • Some Virtual Active workouts are not included.

Factors to consider when choosing the right treadmill

  • Space. How much space do you have at home? This is an important element to consider, especially if you’re living in a condo, apartment or similar living conditions. Technology is such that there are now folding treadmills that can be tucked away under your bed or in a corner when you’re not using them. The frames are made of lightweight materials so anyone can assemble or fold them.
  • Portability. It’s not uncommon to see treadmills that are optimized for portability. This means your treadmill can be moved from one room to another, or even to another house with little to no trouble at all. Most models have rollers, or wheels that can be used for an easier way to move them around the house.
  • Features. Modern treadmills for apartments now come with pre-programmed workouts and features that you might find extra useful. Do you want to get the benefits of a cardio exercise without distracting thoughts or having to memorize your route? These types of treadmills take up little space and are light enough to provide a few notable elements. Tech-savvy people and those who want to improve their exercises in any way possible should place features somewhere on the top when shopping for treadmills. You can find machines that have built-in heart rate monitors and offer customized goals for extra motivation. Some may even have a platform or an interface you can attach your smartphone or tablet to.
  • Operation. If noise is a big factor for you, then choose a treadmill that produces little to no noise as you use them. This aspect is especially important if you want to have a quick workout without disturbing or waking up the rest of your family or friends.
  • Budget. How much are you willing to spend on a treadmill? Compact treadmills come with attractive price tags and are great for first-time walkers and runners. As long as the functions of the treadmill serve you in making you sweat and keep you healthy, then they are indeed a fantastic bargain.

With vast useful features packed in space-efficient treadmills and its great potential towards improving your health, this machine is worth a try. Next to finding the best treadmill that perfectly fits your apartment and preferences is learning of the right ways to use it for optimal results towards attaining your fitness goals.


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