When preparing for a tough mudder or any obstacle course mud run socks should be among the top priority in preperation. Having a quality pair of socks on can keep your feet dry as you roll through the mud and dive into water and comfortable enough to have the occasional rock or mud slip inside your shoes. Here are the four best socks for tough mudder that are actually worth buying.



When preparing for a Spartan run or any obstacle course mud run socks should be among the most important thing you have to consider. Having a quality pair of socks on can keep your feet dry as you roll through the mud and dive into water and comfortable enough to have the occasional rock or mud slip inside your shoes. From experience, blisters tend to pop up more frequently for mud runs than most other races. Below I detail the four most popularly reviewed and best socks for tough mudders.

Some of the feature that you should look for when it comes to a good pair pf tough mudder socks includes:

  • Tough Mudder socks should transport the absorbed water easily from your skin and dry as quickly as possible.
  • The socks should fit tightly; this prevents them from soaking too much mud or water
  • The socks should also be made from breathable materials that help prevent blisters
  • They should also be sturdy and easily cleaned to make it easy to use and clean in the obstacle areas
  • They should NOT be made out of cotton

Here are the best socks for tough mudder that are actually worth purchasing:

Most runners know that choosing the right gear is paramount for maximum protection. If you are looking to gain a competitive edge in the mud run, then this is the right socks for you. The MudGear Trail Socks are built to specifically handle a tough situation and are specifically designed for trail runs or obstacle courses.

MudGear socks are the best tough mudder socks

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Product Features and Benefits

  • The socks is built with a high quarter ankle that helps keep the dirt and mud out
  • The socks have a cushion on the foot area that enables superior water and mud handling
  • Equipped with medium ankle compression that helps to keep the mud and debris out of trail
  • ​This socks are made from a breathable mesh which allow your feet to breathe better than a cotton sock
  • They come in a two-pack so you have an extra pair
  • The sock is also made from a strong combination of 5%Spandex and 95% polyester to ensure durability.

This sock is outstanding and a real life saver while in tough races. What makes this sock unique is the fact that it is supported with "drainage and airflow"; which in normal people terms mean that it helps shed water off of your feet and is designed to keep your feet cool. These socks are also easily washable, that's good news cause they are going to get dirty in a hurry.

The MudGear Compression socks are made from the same company as the trail socks. Which means that they are made specifically for tough mudders. These socks are thigh high and mainly focus on prevention of leg injuries and offer ultimate comfortability.

MudGear Compression Obstacle Race Socks review

These socks were developed as a remedy to the terrible rope burns and cuts that were suffered by the obstacle course racers . These socks are constructed with high compression that is specifically designed for competitive racing. According to their creator, Mudgear, these socks are been ranked as the world’s toughest racing socks.

Product Features and Benefits

  • The sock is known for the layer of padding on the lower part of the leg and the calf that protects you from rope burns and other forms of injuries.
  • The sock has a strong construction and is specifically made for outdoor sports like Tough Mudder and Spartan races, with this construction the sock is comfortable to wear all day.
  • ​The nature of its compression is useful in the reduction of the muscle fatigue and also useful in boosting blood circulation.
  • The sock also enables speed recovery, and this enables faster recovery and stabilizing of the muscles.
  • The sock also ensures satisfaction of both genders as it has a variety of sizes and colors to choose from.
  • ​The sock is built to ensure debris and dirt stay out.
  • The socks is also fitted with superior ability to keep your feet dry and comfortable for long courses.

These socks stand out among the best sock for mud racing due to its protection for the legs, ability to shed water and superior comfort and compression.

As a runner, having moist feet maybe one of your worst enemies. According to Medicine.net (and every runner we know) Moisture will cause blisters, discomfort and allow the odor causing bacteria’s to flourish.

Drymax Run Hyper Thin Mini Crew Socks

As a tough mudder you know that water and mud will eventually get into your feet. These socks specifically help keep your feet dry and are designed to help keep debris out.

The socks are well built with a new special dual layer moisture removal system that assists in removing the moisture of the skin. The Drymax absorbent layer almost absorbs the water and any moisture immediately. The socks are also known to fact comfortably in the shoe as it is made with the use of dense padding as opposed to the use of thick padding.

Product Features and Benefits

  • The socks is designed to be light, and this makes it comfortable while wearing it ( For Tough Mudder runs in the heat of the summer these are actually the preferred pick)
  • They are also fitted with breathable mesh that allows the socks to throw away excess heat that might accumulate in the shoes.
  • ​The product has a unique combination of 11% polyester, 55% elating, 73% Drymax olefin fiber and 11% nylon that ensure its unique texture and durability.
  • ​The vented arch band in the sock keeps it cool and helps hold the socks in place which helps prevent blisters from friction.

All the above features are aimed at solving the moisture and the discomfort caused while racing.

As a tough racer, one thing that keeps you winning is comfortable. This sock is made to make you achieve the best comfort while racing. The socks achieves this by absorbing any moisture that comes into place when mud racing.

Injinji lightweight no show socks

Another great feature of these socks is that all the toes are separated, this way they will not rub one another thus minimal chances of forming blisters. This also prevents moisture from building in between the toes.

Product Features and Benefits

  • It is designed with a mesh top that helps maximize ventilation
  • It is made of superior fiber construction that is useful in keeping the feet away from the sweat and dry especially during the mud run.
  • ​The sock has ultrathin toe sock that allows your toes to align and spread well naturally.
  • ​These are also a well-respected and highly recommended pair of running socks (aside from mud runs) because of the their overall comfort and protection.

The benefits of wearing these are specific to blister protection and comfort. They are pretty good in keeping mud and dirt out (however the other three socks mentioned above a slightly better).