When running obstacle races such as Tough Mudders and others, it can be a tough business for the hands. Here the 4 best mud run gloves that are actually worth It. And keep you protected.

Best mud run gloves that are actually worth it


When running tough races such as Tough Mudders and other obstacle course races, it can be a tough business for the hands. You might have trained hard in the gym, but nothing can prevent crawling through the muddy rocks or under the barbed wires or when you are faced with a terrain that ranges from mud to pavement, at this particular instance only the best gloves will be at your rescue.

First, let's talk about what to look for while selecting mud run gloves:

  • Mud run gloves should offer protection to your hands and at the same time ensure comfort. As a player, you can agree with this as mud running isn’t only a sport, but it also involves crawling as well.
  • The gloves should also enable you to have a good grip on objects, and be able to cater for the mud and water much easily. Gloves that are easier to remove the mud will give you a good grip and increases the chances of being successful while catching obstacles such as funky monkey.

With those two main guidelines in mind, below is the four of the best gloves that will get you through mud race or any other obstacle races.

Under Armour Men’s CTR Trainer HF Gloves

When participating in a mud run, gloves are a compulsory requirement. With the Under Amour, men’s CTR Trainer Gloves you will ensure protection to your hands and barely feel like you are wearing any gloves. The low profile of this glove is designed in such a manner that it fits perfectly to allow you to make a perfect grip on any bar.

Under Armour Men’s CTR Trainer HF Gloves review

These gloves have been for a long time proven to be the leader in the tough mudder world and a key success to many. The gloves are also known for maximum protection and comfort.

Product features

  • The gloves are designed as a lightweight product to allow protection without hindering you.
  • It has a signature moisture work-out system that ensures the sweat or water is dried from the hand to keep your hands dry for a long time. Which is perfect when you immediately jump into water to start a tough mudder or any other obstacle race.
  • ​It has strategically placed silicone palm prints that provide you with a firm grip. When you are coming thought the handlebars or inching across the thin boards, you will thank me later.
  • The glove has a firm synthetic palm that is equipped with ventilation to give way for breathability without using much of your strength
  • ​It is equipped with terry sweat wipe on the thumb to throw away heat when the things heat up.
  • The glove is manufactured by the combination of 46% nylon, 54% microfiber, and polyethylene.
  • On the back, the glove has some breathing material and the company’s logo.

At the palm side of the glove is where the magic happens. Each of the palms is constructed with a durable material and features that are aimed at draining of the sand, water or air at the same time providing plenty of breathability. On the side of the thumbs, it is constructed with materials from clothing to allow you to blow or wipe when in use on coarse materials.

This glove beat the others as they are thin to give a good grip and quick to dry while in use. The gloves also have sticky grips that are essential for mud runs such as walls, ropes, and bars.

Mechanix wear M-pact Gloves

This is the glove that you will see in majority of the Spartan races veterans use. These gloves is preferred for these races as it does not absorb too much water and is made from a durable material. The glove also is favorable as there are so many versions of it that you can choose from.

Mechanix wear M-pact gloves Review

via seton.com

Some of the different styles include protected knuckles, rubberized palms and wrist strap tighten-able. The gloves are made from breathable materials. With the various versions of this glove, they are also favorable for all kinds of seasons where during the warmer season the fingerless version is more applicable.

Product features

  • Made with patent guard that helps protect the knuckle with an EVA foaming pad
  • The glove is made with durable layers of synthetic leather palm.
  • ​The glove is washable
  • It is made from a foam-fitting TrekDry material that helps keep your hands cool and much more comfortable while working.
  • ​The glove is reinforced with a dual layer of fingertip to support the thumb and index and ensure durability
  • It is fitted with TPR Knuckle guard that has a full-length fingertip protection which helps reduce the risk of pinching and impact injuries.

The glove is suitable for mud and is unique in comparison to others as its dual layer ensures durability, XDR palm resolves vibrations and impacts and its nylon web ensure convenience in storage. A did you know; these gloves are entrusted by the law enforcement officers’ in the field as it guarantees protection.

The uniquely made impact guard glove ensures that your index finger is freed which makes the use comfortable and easier mobility. The padding on the palm is responsible for absorption of vibrations and impact that enables you to stay focused without these disturbances.

Mad Grip Pro Glove

These made it on the list as a result of their simplicity and low cost. Compared to others these gloves provides an easy for the user to have a stronger grip. The gloves are also cheap enough, so when they become saturated with the mud, you can relegate them to garden gloves or toss them away with your shoes at the end of the race. This product is fitted with seamless construction that allows you to work with great comfort.

Mad Grip Pro Glove review

The grip in this glove combined with cushioning on the palm helps prevent hand fatigue and blisters while at the same time ensuring maximum control of the tasks being undertaken.

Product Features

  • The glove is designed with abstraction and impact protection for the knuckles and the areas behind the hand.
  • The grip on the hand ensures that one can hold objects, sticky tools, and hand tools more firmly.
  • ​It is equipped with vibration pad on the palm
  • The glove also has an ultimate drip technology equipped with it.
  • The glove is also ideal for use when handling both small and large parts.

When deciding on the kind of gloves to use during mud run, this should be on your list. Among other feature that should lead you to choose the glove is that the fact that it offers fingertip protection, has a tread system that is useful in displacing oil and water and its curved finger-like construction resembles the natural shape of hand making it mush comfortable to use.

These pair of gloves will give you a new mud run experience. Do not let anything come between you and your fun time.

Under Armour Men’s Flux Half-Finger Training Gloves

These gloves resemble the CTR style but with some additional features to make it more comfortable and usable at tough, muddy runs. The differences are mostly in the grip patterns at the palm and additional of more of the spread patterns instead of the stripes from earlier CTR gloves.

Another change notable is the use of perforation section which means that there will be fewer seams which seem like a good improvement.

Under Armour Men’s Flux Half-Finger Training Gloves review

The final change made to these gloves is the wrist enclosure; it has been made more elastic and longer than the previous gloves. This has made staying with the glove much more comfortable. I prefer these updated gloves as they are more suited for obstacle racing.

Product Features

  • The glove is equipped with half finger to ensure easy grip control and protection.
  • It has heat gear that ensures that the hands are cool and much more comfortable.
  • ​Equipped with strategically placed silicon on the palm to ensure its durability
  • The neoprene cuff adds more stability and stuff to the glove.
  • The glove is ideal for use when lifting a heavy weight or rough course runs.

This glove will keep you ahead and much more comfortable during the mud runs. This way you can be able to train comfortably with a durable glove. The next time you go for a mud run take with you Under Armour Men’s Flux Half-Finger Gloves and you will get extra stability and support from its neoprene cuff.

So there you have it. The 4 best gloves for mud runs that are actually worth it and all the details about them. I encourage you to check Amazon for the feedback on these and others. There is a ton of great reviews for these as well as others. 


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