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Why Do Runners Breathe Heavily After a Race?

Why Do Runners Breathe Heavily After a Race?It’s one of the most natural things in the world and something every athlete knows: Runners will always breathe heavily after running a race. Indeed, their breathing will always be heavy after working out, especially if the runners are going fast and truly pushing themselves. But why?How the Respiratory […]

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Top Running Trails in North Carolina

The 10 Best Running Trails in North Carolina  North Carolina is one of the favorite states that I have had to honor to call home. I lived in Hickory, NC in the early 2000s and had a wonderful opportunity to travel throughout the state. What I realized was North Carolina iѕ a tremendous рlасе fоr оutdооr […]

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Spenco vs Superfeet : What’s the Difference?

Spenco vs Superfeet – What’s The Difference?​Runners get sore feet, period. To combat this pain, it’s possible to use additions to shoes to ease discomfort. Some companies even claim they can make runners feel like they are running on clouds. How do people do this? Usually, they purchase insoles for their shoes. But not all insoles […]

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3 Important Foot Care Tips for Runners

3 Important Foot Care Tips for RunnersThe feet are one of the most significant parts of the body for all athletes. They keep people balanced, allow for increased flexibility, and are the first and often only part of the body that should touch the ground during sports and physical activities.For runners, the feet perform all […]

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