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Tread Labs vs Superfeet – How Do They Compare?

Tread Labs vs Superfeet – The Better Insole DebateFootwear today is made to support all sorts of daily activity – work, house work, playing with your kids or pets and of course includes fitness activities like running and hiking. However, sometimes you might need just a bit of extra support and stability and insoles are […]

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Why Do Runners Breathe Heavily After a Race?

Why Do Runners Breathe Heavily After a Race?It’s one of the most natural things in the world and something every athlete knows: Runners will always breathe heavily after running a race. Indeed, their breathing will always be heavy after working out, especially if the runners are going fast and truly pushing themselves. But why?How the Respiratory […]

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Top Running Trails in North Carolina

The 10 Best Running Trails in North Carolina  North Carolina is one of the favorite states that I have had to honor to call home. I lived in Hickory, NC in the early 2000s and had a wonderful opportunity to travel throughout the state. What I realized was North Carolina iѕ a tremendous рlасе fоr оutdооr […]

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