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Asics Gel Nimbus 18 vs Cumulus 18

Asics Gel ​Nimbus 18 vs Cumulus 18Believe it or not, but the Nimbus 18 and the Cumulus 18 are not clouds or Harry Potter racing brooms. Instead, they are both styles of popular running shoes that will supposedly help your performance and protect your feet. But what do you need to know about shoes?What to […]

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10 Vitamins To Help Support Runners Joints

10 Vitamins to Help Support Runners Joints​Individuals training for races, specifically longer ones such as marathons, commonly add supplements into their diet. Endurance athletes are more prone to joint or muscle injury and getting sick. There are various supplements runners can take in order to maintain joint and muscle health as well as immunity. Many […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Running in the Rain

The Ultimate Guide to Running in the RainLet’s face it; not all runs are going to be perfect. This especially applies to those of us training for a race. For the rest of you, it’s okay to crank up the heat and sleep in even more when it’s pouring outside.But if you’re training for any […]

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The 5 Best Tough Mudder Knee Pads

The 5 Best Knee Pads for Tough Mudders – 2018 EditionTough Mudders, Mud runs, Warrior Dash, and Spartan Races are super-fun and challenging non-tradition obstacle course race in which the terrain is mud. Examples of obstacles on these courses are climbing structures, crawling under wires, and swinging on bars. Having ran seven of these races, I […]

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