Blisters might be the most annoying minor injury that you can suffer running. Most blisters are caused by friction which can be reduced or even elimated with a good pair of socks. Here are our favorite 5 best socks for running to prevent blisters.

Here are the 5 Best Socks For Runners to Prevent Blisters


We discussed how bad blisters can be and how to prevent/treat them in this post here.  So to summarize blisters are caused by three main issues:

  • Friction
  • Sweating
  • Heat

So without further delay, here my criteria for selecting a really good pair of socks for running to prevent blisters. 

  • Lightweight
  • Compression Style
  • Moisture Wicking Fabric
  • Cushioning

These five socks are all running socks and are designed for runners. Most of which are good any weather socks. All of which are linked to Amazon for your reference.

The Asics Cushion Low Socks are my go-to socks for running. They are snug on my feet yet lightweight, offer compression around the middle, cushion on the ball of your feet  and are made of a thin cotton. The only issue (and it was a small one) is that these are not completely moisture resistant. I found my feet a little damp after a run in the rain. But overall these have been wonderful.

I trust Asics as a brand because of the quality of the running shoes that they are known for, so I presumed they would make a quality running sock. So for example; if you are going to by a new car, you are not going to buy a brand you have never heard of or not familiar with.  You want to buy a reputable brand that you are comfortable and trust.

ASICS Cushion Low Cut (3 Pack), White, Medium
970 Reviews
ASICS Cushion Low Cut (3 Pack), White, Medium
  • Engineered mesh on top of foot provides breathability
  • Plush cushioning through sole
  • Moisture management

The Bridgedale Xhale Speed Demon Socks were the second type of sock I tried during my "blister fiasco". These are designed with a anti-blister technology called "Double Loop Cushioning" which is a fancy term for "more cushioning". These socks have more support on the heel and balls of your feet as well as a comfortable compression feel.

The fabric is breathable and manages moisture just fine. I had little sweat on my feet after wearing these for my longer runs but overall these are a quality socks that prevent blisters.

Bridgedale Xhale Speed Demon Socks,Gunmetal Black,Large
11 Reviews
Bridgedale Xhale Speed Demon Socks,Gunmetal Black,Large
  • Ideal for running and cycling
  • Improves heel retention
  • Ultra thin body and toe box

At first I was hesitant about wearing toes socks. After viewing the 770+ reviews on Amazon about the comfort, blister protection and minimizing the moisture, I decided to give the  Injinji Toe Socks a try. I am not a "toe shoe" kind of runner so this purchase was really out of character for me but I really wanted to try a few different types of socks that would help with my blister problem. 

I was quite surprised by the compression and the comfort. Putting my toes in each correct location was a little tricky. The lightweight version of these are a little thinner than the Asics and Bridgedales. They were also a little more pricey than the other options.

I found that the benefits of Split Toe Socks are truly the extra protection for your toes and the overall comfort. Once you get past the weird feeling of your toes being isolated in their own area, they are very comfortable socks. The style of Split Toe Socks are really designed to fit like a glove for your feet and prevent blisters. If you would like to try toe socks, we break down the 5 best for preventing blisters and are the most durable in this article.

Injinji Run Lightweight No Show Xtralife Toe Socks - Black Gray White Pack - L
1,598 Reviews
Injinji Run Lightweight No Show Xtralife Toe Socks - Black Gray White Pack - L
  • Coolmax Xtralife for ultimate moisture management - Superior fiber construction wicks sweat to keep feet dry and comfortable
  • Light and breathable mesh top maximizes ventilation
  • Ultra-thin, minimalist style performance toesock allows your toes to align and splay naturally, as well as aids in blister prevention

The Wrightsock Anti-Blister Double Layer Running Socks were the last pair of running socks I tested out. The do offer a "no blister guarantee" like some of the others. A few of my running buddies wear these and swear by them.  Aside from a very long title, these socks were very good for blister protection. They are designed with two layers (so they are a little thicker than the other options) but are not as bulky as you would expect. .

After giving these a month long trial, I enjoyed the comfort and snug fit on my feet. I thought that because of thicker design that my feet would sweat a ton more but surprisingly enough they did not. Many runners use these in combination with Vaseline to provide ultimate protection from blisters/chaffing, I did not try that experiment with these socks.

Wrightsock Anti-Blister Double Layer Running II Quarter Sock White with Black Accents,Large
122 Reviews

Drymax Sport Socks claim to fame is their how they keep your feet cool and dry. These socks are routinely recommended by the big brand running stores nationwide. Perhaps it's marketing or the big brands get a bonus for each pair they sell. One way or the other I figured it was worth at least checking them out.

For me these were the most durable out of all of the socks I purchased to relieve my blister problem. The sizing of these were a little off as I had to order a size smaller than my feet to make sure they fit properly. They have a dual layer moisture removal system which is really just two thin layers that help your feet breathe and expel sweat when you are running. The padding is pretty good on the heel and the ball of my feet.

Drymax Running Mini Crew, Anthracite/Black, M11-13
2 Reviews
Drymax Running Mini Crew, Anthracite/Black, M11-13
  • Breathable Mesh: Cools & Dries Feet
  • Dual Layers(Knit together): Keeps Feet Dry
  • Y Heel: Improves Fit
drymax sport socks review

All of these running socks offer blister protection and I have used each one of these on my runs. I tried five different pairs to get the perfect feel that I was looking for, a snug fit that kept my feet dry, odor down and no blisters. 

So how did I get to the point of figuring out what socks are the best to prevent blisters?

When I first started running I would get blisters on the front of my toes (just below the nail) and at the top of my toes (it was a double-whammy and it hurt!). I thought well maybe I am running too much or my running form is bad or I need new shoes. I never thought that it was a result of terrible socks.  So I went through the process to address those issues by researching running form, evaluating my running lengths/training plan and my shoes. I had blisters for about two weeks prior to buying a pair Brooks Ghost 7 so I thought would fix the problem and then went on to trying to address the other ideas. After about two months (and numerous blisters) of going through these ideas it finally hit me, I need new socks.

The right socks can make all the world of difference, if the sizing if off it can create friction as the socks rub against your skin. If they are too think that can make your feet hot and sweaty. These are all great signs that you need to pick a good pair of running socks.

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